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(Pre-K) 4 and 5 year olds

Pre-K is a year of transition and growth. Students are provided an environment to grow in independence and develop a love for learning as they prepare for Kindergarten.


BJU Press Footsteps for Fours provides active, hands- on learning that offers flexibility for all types of learners, at all stages of learning.

Teaching Time

Each child learns differently. We strive to provide a structured learning environment that utilizes a variety of teaching methods. A preschool style of presentation is initially used, and the classroom style adapts as children mature towards Kindergarten.


Our goal is that each child leave Pre-K confident that they know how to succeed in Kindergarten. This is done by slowly building the independent skills that each child accomplishes.

Pre-K Graduation

Graduation is a fun night for family and friends to celebrate all the children have learned and share in the children’s excitement as they head to Kindergarten.

Field Trips

Twice during the year the children get to visit a special location to enhance what they have learned and experienced in the classroom.


Pre-K has fun exploring music while learning fundamental elements. They experience playing instruments, singing in a group, vocalizing, and singing on pitch.

Party Days

Seasonal party days (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, and end of the year graduation).

Special Events

Special events are provided to put action to what the children are learning about. Some of the special days the children enjoy are Donuts with Dad, Grandparents Day, the Rodeo, and Dr. Seuss Day.