Our daughter has been a part of Upper Bucks Daycare since she was 3 months old, she will be two soon and is a full time daycare student. We are so blessed to have been welcomed into Upper Bucks Christian School Daycare with open arms. She has advanced in tremendous ways during her time at Upper Bucks. A feeling of guilt used to overwhelm me that our daughter would need to go to daycare, until she started and I saw how happy she was, she even asks to go now on the weekends. Her excitement about teachers, staff and friends is remarkable and it warms my heart. My husband and I have been delighted to see how wonderful, caring and nurturing the staff is towards our daughter. We love Upper Bucks Christian School Daycare and am pleased to know our daughter is in their care while we are at work.

– Stacie Lange

We have had the pleasure of having 3 of our grandchildren attend UBCS Day Care over the past 8 years.
Parents spend a significant amount of time trying to find the perfect day care. Safety, nurturing and education are only a few of the things to consider. A day care should also feel like an extension of the child’s home.
As grandparents, we hope and pray that our grandchildren will be treated as they would if they were being cared for by us.
We can honestly say that the care our grandchildren, and all the children, receive at UBCS Day Care is far beyond anything we could have hoped for.
From Elyse Shedal, Beth Condict and Deb Dunfee, to all of the teachers, each are caring, loving and kind. They not only teach the children to be the same, but they teach by example. In our opinion, the curriculum is far superior to other Day Care programs that we have seen. It is also based in Christian principles which was extremely important to our family. The Day Care program has prepared our grandchildren for kindergarten and beyond.
As grandparents, we are appreciated and included in activities and programs frequently.
The UBCS Day Care staff has become family, and a family that we are so proud to be a part of!!

– Mike and Brenda LoRusso

Our family loves Upper Bucks Christian School & Day Care! Our two children have flourished there from the time they were each three months old. I had no idea children could learn so much at such a young age. Shapes, colors, numbers, letters, animals – you name it, they are learning about it from a very young age. Manners and respect while having fun are a big part of the day care, too. We could not be happier! It feels wonderful as a parent sending your children off to day care when they run in the door to give big hugs to the teachers and staff. You know your children are in a loving environment. We highly recommend UBCS and Day Care!

– Danielle Myrick