Meet Our Staff

Mrs. Cheryl Griffith, Ducklings Lead Teacher

While Cheryl has recently taken the role of lead teacher, she has been working at UBCS for the last 7 years. Prior to joining the staff, Cheryl and her husband homeschooled and graduated their two sons over the course of 17 years. From a young age Cheryl would serve with her mother in their church nursery. It was during these times that Cheryl developed a deep love for children. As lead teacher, Cheryl strives to provide a loving environment where children feel safe and parents are at ease leaving their child in our care. She works to lead a classroom focusing on each teacher’s strengths as they strive to care for the children as a team.

Mrs. Joyce Ferrell, Ducklings Teacher

Joyce has been part of the team of Duckling teachers at UBCS for the last 8 years. Her passion is meeting a child where he or she is at and helping them take the next step developmentally. This stems from her 40 years serving in the Treasurer’s department at Bethel Baptist Church and her 8 years as an early intervention specialist at Ridge Crest. Not only does Joyce work closely with the students in her room, she also loves to help parents team up with the Duckling teachers. They strive together to watch the children blossom and grow. One of her favorite memories is when she was able to work with and experience the success of a student with Cerebral Palsy. She loved being a part of hearing some of his first words and seeing his first steps. Joyce and her husband are best friends and have had the privilege of rearing two children. Her daughter is now married, and Joyce is enjoying being a gramma. This has only added to the love and care that Joyce gives to each of the children who enter her classroom.

Mrs. Dottie Harris, Duckling Teacher

Dottie has a deep love for children. While the Lord has blessed her and her husband with one daughter, she has had many children through her classrooms over the last 15 years at UBCS and the 50 years that she has taught Sunday school. Dottie loves to see the children learn and grow in even the most basic of skills that are developed at this young age. Dottie’s daughter, Elizabeth is the Kindergarten teacher at UBCS. Dottie’s love and care for children was instilled and inspired by her mother, and she has passed this along to Elizabeth as well. Many children begin with Dottie in the Duckling classroom, and as they grow, join Elizabeth in Kindergarten. Dottie is also well known in Kindergarten as Grandma Harris. This gives her another year to spend showing the love of Christ to these precious lives.

Mrs. Rachael Seifert, Duckling Teacher

Rachael has a heart for children whether they be her biological children, or any other child that God has put in her path to care for. She and her high-school sweetheart have been married for 19 years. In that time the Seiferts have adopted 3 children and have fostered others in addition to raising their 3 daughters. Rachael’s love for family is seen in her time spent hiking and riding bikes together. Before becoming a mother, Rachael worked at UBCS for 5 years. She returned to join the UBCS staff 3 years ago. Rachael loves to see children grow and develop the skills they need to succeed. She brings a mother’s heart to the classroom and gives a good balance of loving care and helping children strive to take their next step developmentally. Watching children start walking and hearing them say their first words is her favorite part of the year.

Mrs. Annette Diehl, Hedgehog Teacher

Annette has been working at UBCS since 1996. During that time her strengths of observation and dedication have been an asset to her classroom. She is able to watch the children and develop a working knowledge of what will best help the children grow and develop. Diehl, as the children call her, guides the children in developing age appropriate independence to lay the groundwork for future growth and success. Annette enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband have 4 children. They like spending time with them as well as their grandchildren. Her family lives in the area, and Annette enjoys getting to see them often.

Mrs. Jane Bauernschmitt, Hedgehog Teacher

Mrs. B, as the children affectionately call her, has been in the field of education for 38 years. 34 of those years have been here at UBCS. Jane’s creativity is clearly seen in each lesson and activity that takes place in her classroom. She uses songs she has written to teach Bible stories and academic skills to her students. The enthusiasm children have about learning is encouraged and displayed in the activities and interactive crafts that are performed in the Hedgehog classroom. Jane and her husband have been married for over 40 years. They and their 4 children all worked together to teach children that God loves them and to show them how they can share the love of Christ to others. Two of Jane’s children are also teachers, one of them is an art teacher. Jane has three grandchildren who she loves to visit.

Mrs. Heather Simon, Hopper Teacher

Heather has just recently joined the day care staff at UBCS. She comes with 3 and a half years’ experience from another center. Heather brings fresh ideas, and excitement to her classroom. She has a love for children and families, and connects with each one in a unique way. Communication and teaming with parents are very important to Heather. Her students’ parents are an important part of her classroom as well. While Heather is new to UBCS, she and her husband have been married for 10 years. They have two children and love to do outdoor activities together. Serving their community is also important to the Simon family and they can be seen at different local events.

Mrs. Michele Kehoe, Fawns Teacher

Mrs. Kehoe is in her second year as the teacher of our Fawns classroom. Prior to that she has worked in many departments over the course of the 15 years she has worked at UBCS. The last few years were in the Button Bucks department, giving her good insight into what needs to be done in her classroom so that children are ready when they get promoted. Michele strives for the children to leave with a love for God and a love for learning. She looks to highlight their accomplishments and aids them in striving to achieve. Michele and her husband have been married for 30 years. They have two grown sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, whether it be locally or visiting her son and his wife in Texas. Michele also loves baking. Staff always loves when she brings in her homemade ice cream cake.

Mrs. Deborah Carey, Button Bucks Teacher

Mrs. Carey has been in Christian education for over 40 years. Both she and her husband have taught at UBCS, and they have worked in other ministries as well. Their love for education has also been passed down to their children. Two of Mrs. Carey’s 4 children have also served in Christian education. Mrs. Carey loves seeing children light up as they come to an understanding of what is being taught, whether it be academic or spiritual lessons. Seeing the children she has taught grow and develop is an encouragement for her to continue to invest in the lives God has placed in her classroom. It is always fun when children see “Mrs. Carey” at a grocery store and realize she doesn’t live at school, or when she sees them many years later.

Mrs. Gloria Westerband, Button Bucks Teaching Assistant

Because Mrs. Westerband is from Peru, she adds a special dimension to her classroom and the day care. She allows for lessons to be supplemented with Spanish, and she provides a different perspective. Mrs. Westerband loves the Lord and strives to show the love of Christ to her students and their families. Family is very important to the Westerbands. Gloria and her husband have been married for 15 years. They have 2 sons who attend UBCS Elementary school. Because of being in a different country then their families, she loves to share posts and pictures with her extended family and friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Mrs. Debbie Dunfee, Administrative Assistant

Debbie is new to our day care staff. She comes with over 20 years experience in office work but is new to the educational field. Her organization and servant’s heart is a help to the administration. Debbie is excited to get to know the students and families and to be an aid to the administration and teachers. While Debbie is new to the staff, she is not unfamiliar with the day care. Many years ago, Debbie and her husband chose UBCS as the day care they would send their children to. Twenty years later, Debbie is working in the day care ,and her husband is the maintenance manager for the church.

Mrs. Elyse Shedal, Director

Elyse is in her 4th year as director at UBCS. Prior to that she taught Pre-K and some elementary and middle school classes. She has worked with children in education and child care for the last 16 years. In stepping out of the classroom, Elyse is able to use her educational skills to support all the different levels of the departments and team with parents and teachers so that each child is given the tools to succeed. Her favorite part is the hugs and high fives that she gets when children come and leave and when they start to say “Shedal”. Elyse and her husband Randy have three children. She enjoys being able to be on the sidelines and support them as they participate in sports, especially soccer. Elyse loves that her children enjoy serving with her and playing with the children of the day care when she is in the classrooms. Randy enjoys driving bus to accompany the Pre-K on their field trips with her as well as the opportunities he has to meet the parents.