Music Education

We take pride in our award-winning Fine Arts Department. We offer general music classes starting in Kindergarten and piano classes starting in 2nd Grade. Many of our students in HS Choir earn themselves high honors at state-wide and local competitions. Twice a year, our Choir students perform at concerts, and once a year, piano students take part in a recital.

Elementary Music (Grade K-4)

Elementary Music (Grade K-4) gives students the opportunity to learn how to read music, play instruments, learn about composers, and learn fun and exciting songs as they develop a love for music. Classes meet twice a week for 45 minutes. All students are involved in several public performances.

Middle School Music (Grades 5-8)

Middle School Music (Grades 5-8) is a combination of general music and choir, however middle school students are provided the opportunity to continue their development of musical skills through general music knowledge, learning to read and perform music through singing and playing instruments. They are able to use these gifts in several public performances during the school year.

High School Choir (Grades 9-12)

High School Choir (Grades 9-12; Grade 8 is allowed to try-out as well) provides a rewarding opportunity for students to excel together in the rehearsal and performance of quality choral music. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in reaching their full potential both as individuals and as a group. Along with performances at our Christmas and Spring concerts, the choir also sings at nursing homes and other school events. Though choir is not a required course for 10th-12th Grade, a high percentage of our student body continues to participate in choir. Students who have sung in a UBCS choir leave our school with a unique experience and a fond memory that stays with them. Some will sing in college, community or church choirs. We hope that all will have an appreciation for the excitement and beauty of choral music for the rest of their lives.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are available upon request. Students are provided with a once a week 30 minute lessons. These lessons start at the beginning level in second grade through high school. Students learn how to read music and play a wide variety of general, sacred, and classical literature. Students also have the opportunity to minister with their talents in chapels, assemblies, and a spring recital.